Benidorm ban leads Brits to unexpected holiday twist!

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Graham, 38, and Darren, 48, two English friends known for sharing their travel experiences on TikTok, faced an unexpected twist during their latest trip. After a problematic visit to Benidorm, where Darren vowed never to return, Graham tricked him into flying to Alicante, only to reveal their actual destination was Ibiza. Their humorous journey was captured in a viral TikTok video, showcasing their antics and the reactions of fellow passengers.

5 things you need to know

  • Graham and Darren are known for documenting their travel stories on TikTok.
  • After a difficult experience with Spanish authorities in Benidorm, Darren decided not to return there.
  • Graham secretly planned a trip to Ibiza to lift Darren’s spirits, tricking him into thinking they were going to Alicante.
  • Their humorous exchange on a Ryanair flight, including Darren’s reaction, was captured on video and went viral.
  • The incident ended on a positive note with Darren appreciating the joke, and both enjoying their vacation in Ibiza.

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