British tourists swap Ibiza for cheaper Galician Shores

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Despite the economic downturn in Great Britain, the influx of British tourists to Ibiza is expected to remain stable, thanks to low unemployment and low savings rates that encourage spending. However, the economic situation has prompted British newspapers to highlight cheaper alternative destinations like the Galician coast and Bodrum in Turkey, which offer significantly lower costs for accommodation, dining, and entertainment.

5 things you need to know

  • Great Britain’s low unemployment rate at 2% supports continued travel despite economic challenges.
  • British households have a relatively low savings rate of 9%, leading to higher consumption and sustained travel habits.
  • The Sun newspaper has featured the Galician coast as a cost-effective alternative to Ibiza, with cheaper hotels and restaurants.
  • Bodrum, Turkey is being promoted as ‘the new Ibiza’ with much lower costs for hotels, meals, and drinks.
  • A four-star hotel in Bodrum costs about 70 euros per night, significantly less than 170 euros in Ibiza.

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