Cab drivers face theft and threats in Ibiza!

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In Eivissa, cab drivers are facing ongoing challenges from pirate drivers who not only compete unfairly but also engage in aggressive behavior, as witnessed in a recent incident at the airport involving a cab driver and a pirate driver targeting newly arrived tourists.

5 things you need to know

  • Pirate drivers are causing daily issues for licensed cab drivers in Eivissa by offering unregulated services.
  • A recent incident occurred at the airport where a pirate driver was seen soliciting passengers right next to a legitimate cab.
  • The legitimate cab driver attempted to document the pirate’s activities to highlight the ongoing issue of unfair competition.
  • Upon realizing he was being recorded, the pirate driver reacted with insults and threats.
  • This type of activity is part of a broader problem with organized groups of pirate drivers operating at the airport each summer.

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