Drama for Avyca: opening night of new club in playa d’en bossa Ibiza postponed

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The new club AVYCA in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza, which previously housed Sankeys and later Octan, is experiencing a rocky start. The highly anticipated opening night, scheduled for tonight with a performance by Phase_2, has been canceled. On Instagram, Phase_2 announced that the club cannot open due to licensing issues.

AVYCA, which hoped to bring new energy to the iconic Playa d’en Bossa location, had ambitious plans for the summer. The club had organized a diverse program featuring both local and international DJs and events that aimed to attract tourists and island residents alike. The cancellation of the opening night is a significant setback for the club and its fans.

This location has a rich history in Ibiza’s nightlife scene. Sankeys, which operated here for many years, was known for its underground vibes and attracted a loyal audience. When Sankeys closed its doors, Octan took over and brought a new atmosphere to the venue. Now AVYCA is trying to do the same, but the start is proving far from smooth.

The licensing issues that AVYCA is currently facing are unfortunately not uncommon in Ibiza, where strict regulations and bureaucratic challenges often cause complications. The club now needs to act quickly to sort out the necessary permits and prevent further delays.

The cancellation of the opening night is a major disappointment for everyone who was looking forward to the festive launch of AVYCA. Fans are hoping that the club can quickly resolve the licensing issues and eventually open its doors. AVYCA’s management has not yet released an official statement about when the club will open, but the pressure is on to find a solution soon.

Let’s hope AVYCA can overcome this setback and that the new club can soon enhance Ibiza’s vibrant nightlife.

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