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Original article: Ibiza is an island in Spain famous for having over 50 beaches, the best parties, and one of Europe’s biggest nightlife playgrounds. However, aside from being renowned for its beauty and the best beaches in the Balearic, it is also one of the most accommodating locations for digital nomads and remote working professionals. The concept of digital nomadism is becoming more widespread, and locations like Ibiza make it thrilling and convenient for travellers to work remotely and live fulfilling lives. Let’s look at the top five business hubs promoting digital nomadism and comfortable coworking spaces for visitors in Ibiza.

The Hub

The Hub is first on the list of business hubs and working spaces for travellers. It is open all year round and accounts for about 3,000 monthly users in Ibiza. It is a community-focused establishment for remote working, office spaces, hospitality, and events. It provides a flexible and comfortable working environment for entrepreneurs, start-ups, creatives, and innovators looking to comfortably set up their professional lives in Ibiza. The Hub is located in Carrer del Pedrer, 4, 07814 Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears, Spain.
Amenities for customers visiting the Hub include high-speed Wi-Fi, standing desks, a lounge, air conditioning, ergonomic chairs and workspaces, a phone booth, and an outdoor terrace. Pricing is offered daily, monthly, and annually, and the plans are split across service offices, coworking spaces, and virtual offices. This could be an excellent place for remote software developers, travel content writers, or financial investors in the forex, crypto, or CFD trading fields. Considering they have every amenity needed to carry out everyday professional activities, you can book a coworking space in The Hub for as little as 29 euros daily and 240 euros monthly. Customers can request other price plans like serviced offices and virtual spaces.

Origen Ibiza

Origen Ibiza is located approximately two minutes from the beach and is a coworking space that several professionals can share. It also has private offices, conference halls, meeting rooms, and event rooms. The Hub offers several amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, scanners, printers, T.V., skype booths, and other services for convenience. Flexible desks at Origen Ibiza cost about 30 euros daily and 205 euros every month, and there is a VAT fee of 21% on the fees. Private offices cost about 550 euros monthly.

Cowork Group Ibiza

Cowork Group Ibiza is more than a workspace for businesses. It is also a space where professionals can network and share brilliant ideas amidst their pairs. It is a modern coworking space with the best amenities, including internet and Wi-Fi, 24-hour access, air conditioning, photocopiers, printers, and meeting rooms. Cowork Group Ibiza costs about 40 euros and VAT for daily passes and 200 euros plus VAT for monthly plans. It is located in Carrer de Sant Cristòfol, 13, close to the beaches of Ibiza. It could be an excellent location to pop in for work and easily access the leisure points in town.

Business Point Ibiza

Business Point Ibiza is located at the heart and centre and has one of the most prominent spaces for remote workers and digital nomads. It offers workspaces, private offices, and workstations to businesses and entrepreneurs in Ibiza. Business Point offers more than other average business hubs as it is open to creatives. It has a space for photography, art exhibitions, and food service businesses. This working space is located in Avinguda d’Ignasi Wallis, 31, and has a dynamic work environment that makes it open to all professionals.

Business Point Ibiza is also a cheaper alternative as it costs 90 euros monthly, which is less than the average cost of most workspaces here. You can book the private offices for 600 euros monthly and the multimedia room for 80 euros daily. There is a 21% VAT added on each price.

Coworking Santa Eulalia

Coworking Santa Eulalia has an extensive lineup of services for remote workers and is also located in a conducive neighbourhood. The offices come in different sizes, with a meeting room that can fit about eight people to multipurpose or conference rooms that can take about 45 people. You could get a flexible space at Coworking Santa Eulalia for as low as 30 euros a day and 120 euros for five days. The private offices cost about 375 euros to 575 euros monthly. The space has service offers like free trials, complementary coffee, projectors, event management, and virtual offices. There is also a stable internet connection and Wi-Fi for customers.

Other Options To Explore

Ibiza is the 3rd largest Balearic Island with the most prominent tourist attraction centres. It is also an all-round prime destination with standard provisions for professionals and digital nomads. The list above highlights the top workspaces and business hubs to start with. Other options you can look into are CoWorking Eivissa, Menta Ibiza Yachts, and Aasgard Ibiza S.L. These locations provide services that can help boost your productivity and make your work more accessible, and are all located in environments conducive to anyone working while travelling. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next workcation in Ibiza!

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