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Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, is a paradise for walkers. With its unspoiled landscapes, clear blue skies, and tranquil paths, the island offers a unique opportunity to explore nature at its most pristine. Walking in Formentera is not just a form of exercise; it’s an immersive experience into the island’s vibrant natural environment and serene beauty. Below are some of the most scenic walking routes that encapsulate the essence of Formentera.

1. La Mola lighthouse route

Distance: Approximately 3 km
Difficulty: Easy

Start your journey at the village of El Pilar de la Mola. This route takes you directly to the iconic La Mola lighthouse, perched on the highest point of the island. The path is relatively flat and offers stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean. On clear days, the neighboring island of Ibiza can be seen in the distance. The lighthouse itself is a historic site, surrounded by myths and legends, making this walk both scenic and culturally enriching.

2. Green route from Sant Francesc to Cala Saona

Distance: Around 7 km
Difficulty: Moderate

This trail begins in the charming capital of Sant Francesc, winding through some of Formentera’s most picturesque landscapes. As you walk towards Cala Saona, you’ll pass through fig and almond groves, with the scent of rosemary and pine in the air. The final destination, Cala Saona, is a beautiful cove with red cliffs and a perfect spot for a refreshing swim after your walk.

3. The Es Cap de Barbaria trail

Distance: 4 km (round trip)
Difficulty: Moderate

Es Cap de Barbaria is one of Formentera’s most dramatic locations, featuring a rugged coastline and an iconic lighthouse. The trail to the lighthouse is straightforward but rocky, offering walkers a sense of adventure. Highlights include the ancient watchtower and the breathtaking cliff-top views. This route is especially popular at sunset, where the sky and sea meet in a spectacle of colors.

4. The circuit of Estany Pudent

Distance: 12 km
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

This circular route around Estany Pudent is perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers. The salt lake attracts a diverse range of birdlife, especially during migration periods. The path is well-maintained and suitable for all ages, providing a gentle walk with minimal elevation. Along the way, enjoy the picturesque views of traditional fishing boats and the ancient salt pans that are still in use today.

5. Camí de Sa Pujada

Distance: 3.5 km
Difficulty: Challenging

Starting from Es Caló, this ancient Roman path, also known as the “Way of the Rise”, climbs steeply to the plateau of La Mola. The trail is steep and requires good footwear, but the effort is rewarded with some of the most spectacular views across Formentera and the sea beyond. This route combines physical challenge with historical intrigue, following a path that has been used for centuries.

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