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– The Ministry for the Ecological Transition has designated seven new marine protected areas in Spain, including the Ibiza Channel, which will be part of the Natura 2000 Network.
– Oceana has contributed to this designation through scientific data from expeditions in different parts of the country.
– Senior marine scientist, Silvia García, has stated that these protected areas will act as refuges against climate change and protect key ecosystems for fishing resources and biodiversity.
– The government’s announcement is seen as a step forward in marine conservation, and Oceana stresses the importance of proper management to defend these areas from incompatible activities such as destructive fishing.
– The new protected areas are distributed across the three Spanish marine regions, including the Stone Sponge Seamount in the Ibiza Channel and the Marine Space of the Alicante Canyons in the Mediterranean region, as well as several deep-sea mountains north and south of the Canary Islands.

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