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News Roundup

Ibiza Global Radio has announced the first-ever eco-conscious electronic music festival on the island. The two-day Ibiza Global Festival will take place on San Antonio’s S’Arenal beach on July 30th and 31st. The event aims to promote sustainability practices and showcase the beauty of the island.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The Ibiza Global Festival will be a 100% eco-focused electronic music festival, promoting sustainability practices and protecting the environment.
– The event will feature a lineup of Ibiza Global Radio DJs and international talent, offering the best electronic music for free admission.
– The festival will incorporate environmentally-friendly measures, such as the use of recyclable cups.
– Art installations celebrating life and nature will be displayed on the main stage and throughout the grounds.
– The Ibiza Global Festival will also highlight different aspects of the island, including its natural beauty, lifestyle, energy, gastronomy, and hospitable spirit of the locals.

Note: The DJ and venue names have been preserved in their original form as required.

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