Help Louis escape Bali jail: €25K needed now!

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Louis Quest, an Ibiza resident, is currently detained in Bali, Indonesia, for possessing a small amount of cannabis and is facing severe legal consequences. A crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to gather the 25,000 euros required for his fine and facilitate his return home, with the fund already amassing 17,920 euros thanks to contributions from over 170 people.

5 things you need to know

  • Louis Quest was arrested in Bali for possessing 0.35 grams of cannabis.
  • The Indonesian government has imposed a 25,000 euro fine for his release.
  • A crowdfunding campaign has raised 17,920 euros to help pay the fine and bring Louis back to Ibiza.
  • Among the contributors, Daniel Walton donated 2,500 euros, and there are several anonymous 1,000 euro donations.
  • Louis had forgotten the cannabis was in his possession from a trip to Thailand, where it is legal.

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