High prices in ibiza cause discontent among british tourists

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The popular British newspaper, the Daily Mail, recently published an article highlighting the rising costs of going out in Ibiza. According to the article, prices on the Spanish island have increased so much that it has become almost unaffordable for many vacationers to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. The newspaper describes how Ibiza, once an affordable destination for young people and party-goers, is now one of the most expensive places in Europe to go out.

Shocking Prices

The article mentions several examples of the exorbitant prices on the island. A mixed drink like a vodka and coke costs as much as €24, a burger with fries €30, and a bottle of water €14. These prices make a night out in Ibiza a significant hit to the wallet. The newspaper quotes various tourists expressing their dissatisfaction with the high costs, and many indicate that they might consider other, cheaper destinations in the future.

Impact on Tourism

The high prices not only affect tourists’ spending but also Ibiza’s image as a party destination. The Daily Mail points out that the rising costs could have a deterrent effect on tourists, especially young people who often travel on a limited budget. This could eventually lead to a decline in the number of visitors and a negative impact on the local economy.

Reactions from Tourists and Local Entrepreneurs

The article also includes reactions from local entrepreneurs who try to justify the high prices. According to them, the cost of living and running a business in Ibiza has increased significantly in recent years, leading to higher prices for consumers. However, tourists are not convinced and find the prices disproportionate.

A British tourist, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail: “We have been coming to Ibiza for years, but the prices have really gotten out of hand. It’s just not affordable to party here for a week without spending a small fortune.”

Alternatives to Ibiza

The Daily Mail also suggests some alternative destinations for tourists looking for a lively nightlife without the high costs. Destinations like Bodrum in Turkey and some cities in Croatia are mentioned as affordable alternatives where the nightlife is just as vibrant, but the prices are much more wallet-friendly.


The Daily Mail’s article highlights the downside of tourism in Ibiza. While the island is still known for its world-famous nightclubs and beautiful beaches, the rising costs are becoming an increasing concern for both tourists and local businesses. It is clear that if this trend continues, Ibiza risks losing a large part of its loyal visitors to cheaper, yet equally attractive destinations.

For more information and the full article, you can visit the Daily Mail website: Daily Mail.

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