Ibiza club fires janitor over illegal cab scheme.

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  • Ibiza club fires janitor over illegal cab scheme.

A janitor working at an Ibiza discotheque was dismissed after being identified by the Consell de Ibiza’s Transport Service as attempting to establish himself as a recruiter for illegal taxi services. The club took immediate action following the investigation, which is part of a broader initiative by the Consell to combat unauthorized transportation services, particularly targeting sensitive locations like nightclubs, beaches, and airports.

5 things you need to know

  • A janitor at an Ibiza discotheque was fired for trying to recruit customers for pirate cabs.
  • The Consell de Ibiza’s investigation led to the quick identification and dismissal of the involved worker.
  • The employers’ association Ocio de Ibiza and the discotheque demonstrated strong compliance with transportation laws.
  • The Consell de Ibiza has implemented a Transport Inspection Plan to monitor and reduce illegal transport services.
  • Joint inspections with local police and the Civil Guard will continue throughout the summer to enforce these regulations.

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