Ibiza to limit car entries, locals push back!

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The government team of the Consell de Ibiza, led by Vicent Marí, is set to propose a legislative initiative to regulate vehicle entry to the island, similar to existing regulations in Formentera. This proposal follows a participatory process and discussions with various stakeholders and aims to address the significant increase in vehicle numbers during peak tourist months, alongside improving public transportation.

5 things you need to know

  • The legislative initiative aims to regulate the influx of vehicles in Ibiza during the tourist season.
  • A participatory process involving public and stakeholders has been conducted since February 26 to refine the proposal.
  • The initiative has received input from the DGT, car rental companies, trade unions, and other local associations.
  • The proposal responds to a fourfold increase in vehicle entries from 51,000 in 2021 to 206,960 in 2022 during July and August.
  • Enhancements to public bus services are planned to accompany the vehicle regulation measures.

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