Ibiza’s rental crisis: companies house seasonal workers!

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In response to the challenging rental market during the summer in Ibiza, companies are increasingly renting accommodations for their seasonal employees. This strategy, confirmed by the Petita i Mitjana Empresa d’Ibiza i Formentera (Pimeef), continues to be adopted despite a 10% to 20% increase in rents, as businesses strive to ensure stable housing for their staff and secure operations, while navigating the edge of legal rental practices.

5 things you need to know

  • Ibiza’s summer rental market scarcity has led companies to rent housing for seasonal employees.
  • Rents have increased by 10% to 20%, with examples showing a rise from 1,400 euros to 1,700 euros.
  • The practice helps ensure companies start the season fully staffed and maintains local economic stability.
  • High rental costs are pushing some practices to the brink of legality, including issues with non-taxable income and speculative pricing.
  • Pimeef’s president, Alfonso Rojo, emphasizes the benefits of this strategy for both employee stability and landlord security.

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