Police recover stolen €42,000 watch before report filed.

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  • Police recover stolen €42,000 watch before report filed.

Agents of the National Police in Spain have successfully returned a stolen high-end watch valued at 42,000 euros to its rightful owner, who had not yet reported it missing, following the arrest of the alleged thieves and recovery of multiple luxury watches.

5 things you need to know

  • The police initiated an investigation following two reports of violent high-end watch robberies.
  • During the investigation, police arrested the alleged perpetrators and recovered seven luxury watches.
  • One of the recovered watches, valued at 42,000 euros, was returned to an owner who hadn’t reported it stolen.
  • The UDEV agents were able to identify and contact the owner to inform him about the recovery.
  • The owner expressed gratitude for the police’s quick and efficient work in recovering his watch and apprehending the thieves.

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