Political Crisis Rocks Balearic Islands: President’s Future Uncertain

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News Roundup

5 Things You Need To Know

  • Executives of the Sa Unió have expressed that the explanations by President of Consell Insular, Llorenç Córdoba, on the threat to withdraw support from the PP government make no sense.
  • A meeting was held between the two political parties with Sa Unió in response to the actions and declarations of Consell and parliamentary president or Formentera, Llorenç Córdoba.
  • The Sa Unió faces uncertainty over the continuation of Córdoba at the front of the Consell of Formentera, with his future very much in question. There are very complicated political implications should he resign.
  • These issues started when Córdoba threatened to withdraw “unconditional support” from the Balearic Government, after being denied a meeting with Marga Prohens.
  • Córdoba has defended his actions, stating that being assertive is not disloyal, but his explanations have not convinced his government or supporting parties – his position is now hanging by a thread.

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