September in Ibiza: The Final Season of Pyramid!

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This news article highlights the upcoming events happening at Pyramid, a popular electronic music venue in Ibiza. The article emphasizes the quality and talent of the artists performing at the venue throughout the summer months. It provides details about the DJs and their unique styles, giving readers a taste of the diverse music offerings at Pyramid.

5 Things You Need To Know:

1. Pyramid’s September lineup includes notable DJs such as Lee Ann Roberts, I Hate Models, and 999999999, who bring a mix of techno, rave, and industrial sounds to the Main Room.

2. The Terraza lineup features renowned artists like Renato Ratier, Special Request (alias for Paul Woolford), and Seth Troxler, known for their versatility and excellence in various electronic music genres.

3. On September 10th, Pyramid showcases the essence of the venue with DJs Trym, Luca Donzelli, Andres Campo, and Deborah de Luca, each bringing their unique styles of HardDance, techno, and minimalistic rhythms.

4. In the Terraza, DJs Caal, Cuartero, Enzo Siragusa, and Sidney Charles offer fresh and adaptable sounds that align with current clubbing trends, while still honoring the influential rave culture of the ’90s.

5. The final event on September 17th features Richie Hawtin in the Main Room, alongside other artists like Anna Tur, Héctor Oaks, and Nina Kraviz. This lineup promises an epic conclusion to the summer season at Pyramid.

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