Shocking Corruption Scandal Rocks Sant Josep Ayuntamiento!

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News Roundup

5 Things You Need To Know

1. Ayuntamiento de Sant Josep faces corruption allegations:

– The mayor, Vicent Roig Tur, of the PP, has mentioned certain urban planning cases given priority by the previous left-wing government, affecting the reputation of the institution.

2. Delay in decision to support the judicial process:

– The reason behind the delay in the decision to support the legal case involving the former socialist mayor and municipal lawyer is due to the lack of knowledge of its impact on the Ayuntamiento.

3. Internal investigation to clarify the situation:

– The department of Urbanism underwent an internal audit to address the backlog of pending cases and the delay in issuing urban certificates.

4. Implementation of an action plan:

– The Ayuntamiento plans to implement a collaborative program with the College of Architects and hire external professionals to speed up the process of issuing licenses.

5. Reorganization of responsibilities:

– The municipal lawyer has been assigned to focus solely on planning tasks, while external services will handle day-to-day issues. This restructuring aims to accelerate urban planning.

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