Shocking mid-air brawl delays Naples-Ibiza flight

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A violent altercation occurred on an EasyJet flight from Naples-Capodichino to Ibiza involving two female passengers, which escalated before takeoff and required police intervention. The incident caused a delay but was eventually resolved, allowing the flight to proceed to its destination.

5 things you need to know

  • The fight broke out on an EasyJet flight bound for Ibiza from Naples-Capodichino.
  • The altercation involved two female passengers who engaged in physical violence, including hair-pulling and hitting.
  • Other passengers and the flight crew attempted to intervene, but were unsuccessful in stopping the fight.
  • The pilot alerted airport police, who removed the involved passengers, allowing the flight to depart with a delay.
  • EasyJet issued a statement condemning the behavior and reaffirming their commitment to passenger and crew safety.

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