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News Roundup

A contemporary hotel in San Antonio Bay, INNSiDE Ibiza Beach, has partnered with Artambb and Fundació Baleària to present an art exhibition focusing on the Mediterranean Sea and environmental awareness.

5 Things You Need To Know:

– INNSiDE Ibiza Beach has collaborated with Artambb and Fundació Baleària to curate an art exhibition featuring renowned Spanish artists Angel Zabala and Ximo Canet.
– The exhibition showcases a diverse collection of paintings and sculptures that highlight the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and promoting environmental causes.
– Ximo Canet’s paintings pay homage to marine life and advocate for a cleaner and plastic-free ocean.
– Angel Zabala’s wire mesh sculptures capture the spirit of Ibiza and add a local touch to the exhibition.
– The exhibition is open to all with free admission, offering a unique opportunity to experience art, culture, and environmental consciousness. Visitors can also enjoy DJ sessions at the hotel’s rooftop.

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