Ushuaïa Entertainment donates £200,000 to Caritas Ibiza!

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Ushuaïa Entertainment donates €200,000 to Caritas Ibiza.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Ushuaïa Entertainment has agreed to settle its outstanding debt with local organization Caritas Ibiza.
– As part of the agreement, Ushuaïa Entertainment will allocate a portion of the proceeds from upcoming events in Ibiza during the 2023 season to Caritas Ibiza, totaling €200,000.
– This demonstrates Ushuaïa Entertainment’s commitment to supporting the local community and social causes.
– Caritas Ibiza aims to promote social action, raise awareness of injustice, and provide economic support to vulnerable families on the island.
– Both organizations recognize the importance of working together to create a positive impact and will continue to collaborate on future charitable initiatives.

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